The Curriculum and Instruction Department is a unitwhich performs the functions of arranging, planning and monitoring educational and methodological work, various types of internships for students and internships and advance training for academic staff, work of examination boards, the filing of tuition contracts for the students studying on terms of compensating training costs, issuance of diplomas to graduates, rational classroomdistribution.

The Department is responsible for preparing and providing the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with information, as well as other organizations working in close cooperation with the administration, deans, departments and other units of the University.

In the process of Ukraine’s accession to the common European and world education area the efforts of the Curriculum and Instruction Department staff go into improving the quality of training and ensuring competitiveness of University graduates. Several regulations on the organization of teaching in the credit system have been adopted, the departments have elaborated a range of disciplines, new teaching methods are being introduced, and the faculties have set up 40 computer classrooms with Internet access.